Seamus Evans

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Seamus was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome and ADHD at the age of 10. Feeling incredibly bored and disengaged at school, Seamus was more interested in making people laugh and distracting the class. As a result of not taking school seriously, Seamus failed school and hated hard physical labour so was stuck with limited career options. […]

Randall Craig

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Randall Craig is a Hall of Fame business speaker who led the digital strategies for several major market newspapers, professional service firms, and financial institutions since 1994. Randall has founded several successful start-ups, held a long-time position at a “big-four” consulting firm, and was a senior executive at an American public company.  He has helped […]

Susan Gingras Fitzell, M.Ed., CSP

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Susan Fitzell, M.Ed., CSP has over 30 years of experience in the education space teaching people how to learn, how to stay motivated, and how to maximize their talents. Her specialty is training and teaching neurodivergent thinkers: dyslexic, autistic, ADHD, OCD, etc. Susan helps professionals and organizations reach their training objectives and maximize their investment […]

Lynn O’Dowd


Lynn O’Dowd is a funny and engaging motivational speaker, entertainer, and professional keynote performer. She injects fun, humor and musical entertainment into conferences and events while delivering a high level of content that inspires audiences to risk new levels of passion, performance and courage. In this refreshingly-different and audience-favorite keynote experience, Lynn combines the transformational […]

Peggy Sullivan

Peggy HS

Peggy Sullivan is a women’s leadership speaker, mindset expert, and founder of the nonprofit organization, SheCAN!. She is also the author of the book, “Happiness is Your Responsibility”. Peggy is a strong advocate of empowering women in the workplace to succeed through personal development, professional growth and heath and wellness. She has won numerous awards […]

Richard Hadden, CSP

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Richard Hadden is an internationally recognized author, speaker, and expert in the realm of Employee Engagement and the Workplace. He has, over the past 25 years, spoken for more than 1,200 audiences worldwide on the connection between People Practices and Profit Performance. Known for his laugh-out-loud, engaging style and practical, content-rich substance on the platform, […]

Nathalie Plamondon-Thomas

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“Hey, you look fat in these jeans!” “What? You are asking for a raise? It’s never gonna work, you’re not good enough!” We don’t talk to people like this, but we talk to ourself like that. We trash talk ourselves all the time! Too many people are held back by a lack of confidence. Nathalie […]

Tanya Steele

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Tanya Steele is a well-respected and sought after Emcee, Speaker & Trainer in the safety industry. Tanya is passionate, energetic, relatable, practical and fun. Utilizing her 27 years of experience as an Instructor & Safety Coordinator, she offers her attendees and clients real life scenarios with easy solutions. She has been certified and fully competent […]