Billy Riggs, The World’s Only DIS-illusionist!

Comedy Magician and Motivator Performs His Own Grand Illusions... While Shattering Yours.
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Billy Riggs has been called “a psychologist masquerading as a comedian and magician.” He was voted one of America’s Top Five Most Entertaining Speakers in a nationwide poll of conference attendees. As an orator Billy moves audiences to action with his message of hope and inspiration. Add in his talent as a master magician, comedian, and entertainer, and he delivers a presentation that audiences will remember long after the event ends. Billy’s presentations transform leadership, improve attitudes, turbocharge sales, and inspire exceptional service. More than a million people on five continents have benefited from his work. Billy starred in his own television special, “The Magic of Attitude.”

Awarded the prestigious CSP* designation in 2002, Billy’s skill as a professional speaker has been perfected over nearly 4 decades. Audiences find themselves so stirred by his sincerity and power on the platform that he was invited to present to the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table as a featured keynoter for their 13,000 attendees.

When Billy Riggs appears, things on stage disappear, time flies, and no one leaves the room! Using Las Vegas-quality magic and illusions to drive home his points, Billy’s presentations have elevated hundreds of otherwise ordinary conferences into events that are truly special. His quick wit and quicker hands spread laughter and raise morale as listeners learn to reshape their destinies by eliminating their “Grand Illusions” and embracing even grander realities.

Programs By Billy Riggs, The World’s Only DIS-illusionist!

Bosses are a dime a dozen; leaders are priceless. Employees obey bosses only because they fear they will be made more miserable if they disobey than if they obey. Morale suffers, key people depart and productivity sags. But a genuine leader inspires team members to want to do their work. Employees follow true leaders out of respect and admiration. They work out of a sense of shared ownership of goals and passion for the fulfillment of a compelling mission. Learn the keys to climbing the “Leadership Pyramid” through six distinct stages – from a man who’s been to the top of the pyramid twice – and begin the rewarding journey from mere boss to leader. Better still, you’ll learn while laughing through an entertaining and fun program. Billy Riggs is a natural and highly effective leader and will help you become one, too.
The single most important factor in success is attitude. A positive attitude directly impacts the bottom line because it improves performance, reduces turnover, and decreases absenteeism. Best of all, a fabulous attitude is contagious. Help your staff embrace change with a smile, adjust to hardship with optimism, and strive to be their best each and every day by experiencing the “Magic of Attitude!” This unique and energetic combination of entertainment, comedy, and enlightenment allows world-class illusionist Billy Riggs to demonstrate how attitude and performance are inextricably linked, and motivates your staff to turn their new attitude into profitable action. Funny attitude speaker Billy Riggs is just what the doctor ordered!
The staff and faculty of exemplary schools hold a set of core beliefs in common – beliefs about students, learning, work and themselves. Internalizing these beliefs, then, is essential to effective education. By formulating, nurturing and communicating the proper belief system, you can quickly drive your classroom, school or district to exemplary status. In this hilarious, but provocative combination of magic, message and motivation, Billy Riggs demolishes the debilitating myths that render schools ineffective, and identifies the cardinal realities of education. Custodians, teachers, office staff and administrators will be moved to tears by inspiring stories and leave with sore cheeks from laughing so much! Highly fun, deeply inspiring and completely helpful!
Learn the secrets of generating (and converting!) more leads than you can possibly handle! Business coach, author, and speaker Billy Riggs show you how to: • Double lead flow • Double sales volume • Implement no-cost strategies that instantly add cash flow • Effectively market on the internet • Get many times more traffic to your website • Harness your existing database to maximize repeat business • Set up joint partnerships that promote your business for you … while laughing yourself silly and being entertained as though in a Las Vegas showroom! Rather than marketing to thousands in hopes of reaching a few dozen real prospects, you’ll discover the techniques you’ll need to transform your marketing into a giant electromagnet that identifies and pulls needles out of the haystack for you!
The inherent danger of passion-induced work is its appetite for consuming all of life. Whether motivated by obsession or necessity, the driven worker is in jeopardy of losing family, integrity, health, and happiness. By internalizing the five core values of character (maintaining absolute integrity), intimacy (nurturing meaningful relationships with the right people), achievement (making steady progress toward goals that are important to you), positivity (demanding a positive outlook on life), purpose (devoting energies to a worthwhile or noble cause), you will harness the power of an integrated life and move beyond survival to success and balance. You will discover how to pursue work passionately while maintaining the joy of your work and personal life. Funny motivational speaker Billy Riggs will take your people on an emotional roller coaster ride, laughing hysterically one minute and moved to tears the next. Best of all, the message will resonate within them for the rest of their lives.

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Billy Explains "Riggs' Law of Customer Service"
Click Magnet Magic: How to Double Your Leads and Triple Your Conversions

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Books By Billy Riggs, The World’s Only DIS-illusionist!

Megatudes: Twelve Critical Attitudes That Will Shape Your Future

Life is attitude. The attitudes you bring (or don't bring) to your circumstances will affect your future more than your talent, looks, or intelligence. They will shape your destiny more than your plans, your friends, or your enemies. They are more critical than your genes or your upbringing. They will fashion your prospects more than luck or even hard work ever could. They color and influence everything your do and gradually create the circumstances - whether good or bad - under which you must live and labor. Indeed, they are so important that I call them Megatudes. Every day your attitudes either sweeten or poison everything that flows through you and from you. By harnessing the power of the twelve Megatudes revealed in this book you will improve your circumstances, your career, your income, your relationships, and your happiness. Miss out on a few and you will sentence yourself to mediocrity. Neglect them all and you are doomed to failure. But when you consciously build all twelve into your thought processes and behaviors, your life will change direction and set you on a course for all the good things life has to offer!

The Magic Touch: Positively Extraordinary Customer Service

Successful businesses know that the most effective and least expensive way to distinguish your company from the competition is to provide dazzling customer service. Attempting to differentiate yourself from your rivals by slashing prices sacrifices profits and drives competitors to do the same. Improving quality is important, but is often incremental and therefore invisible to consumers. However, riveting and memorable encounters with customers linger in their memories and transform them from mere shoppers into enthusiastic advocates for your business. Discover the twelve ways you can dazzle your customers, and learn specific techniques you can put to work right away as author, motivator and speaker Billy Riggs reveals the secrets of rendering service so memorable that it can only be described as "The Magic Touch."

How to Become a Born Leader: The Keys to Building, Motivating, and Leading Dynamic Teams

A boss and a leader are wildly different creatures. The boss lurks behind to prod, goad, and threaten workers, or stands in front to entice them to do jobs they would never do otherwise. A leader, by contrast, burrows into the hearts of employees and sets them afire with a desire to do those very things. This book offers a roadmap to wean managers away from the carrots-and-sticks approach and to empower them with tools to motivate workers from within. Each reader is thrust into a centrifuge and spun until the heavier qualities of a leader have been separated out and the superficial features of a boss may be cast off, leaving only pure leadership behind. Years later, those uninformed souls who never witnessed the transformation stand in awe of one they mistakenly call a “born leader,” one who exerts an almost magical spell over those being led. Leaders are not born, but built as you scale The Leadership Pyramid.

Magical Marketing Breakthroughs

Billy Riggs' goal is straightforward: to help serious business owners generate more clients, close more sales, and increase revenue & profits quickly and inexpensively. Business owners interested in adding an extra $200,000 to their bottom-line revenue over the next 12 months without selling more time for money will benefit mightily from this work. 25 years training managers, salespeople, and customer service providers has equipped Billy with the skills to rapidly and effectively teach business owners how to successfully apply the right strategies in the right order that allows them to grow their business to its maximum capacity. In this book, he explains how his business growth model is perfectly positioned to help owners realize their dream of creating their own multimillion-dollar businesses, enabling them to achieve their goals of personal, financial and professional freedom.

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