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Paralympic Silver Medalist, Combat Army Veteran, and Change MIndsight Warrior, working with business professionals to embrace a new normal mindset
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Have you ever wondered how to be more resilient? Do you have a vision to accomplish in your life? Do you desire to make greater impact in the world?

If so, you are need to hear from John Register.

How does one bounce back from being an Olympic track and field qualifier and Army Officer Candidate one day to an amputee the next, and then 6 years post amputation win a Paralympic silver medal?

John Register knows the answer to that question all too well because it’s his story.

While training for a competition, one misstep over a hurdle cost John his leg, his military career, and almost his life.

Despite the devastating setback, John hurdled his adversity and began winning again. Within 27 months post-injury, John competed on the United States Paralympic Swim Team in Atlanta, Georgia, anchoring both the 4×100 meter medley and freestyle relays.

It was at those games in Atlanta he saw amputees running and jumping on artificial limbs. He knew he had to learn how to run again.

With dogged determination, he did learn. Four years later, after returning to his first love of track and field, he won the long jump silver medal in Sydney, Australia, and set the American record in the process.

John is the first to say that overcoming any obstacle, no matter how great or insignificant one thinks it is, begins with having a resilient and renewed mind.

But how do you get it? Where does it come from? And, can it be taught and learned so everyone can respond better when facing adversity?

In John’s presentation, “Hurdle Adversity: Embrace The New Normal,” John walks those who are committed to change through a pathway from fear to freedom. The focus on the presentation is to have audience members determine the vision they desire and have that truth outweigh the fears which hold us back.

Whether you are an executive, a middle manager, or front employee, your life can change with one wrong step, but your life can also change with one right step.

In this presentation, John shares with you and your team the pathway to win, again.

Programs By John Register, CSP

We have shifted our physical space to accommodate a global pandemic. We have witnessed the turmoil around racial wounds in the United States, and we struggle to make sense of the uncertain times. How do we respond and thrive to the crisis surrounding us? Amputate Fear and Embrace a New Normal Mindset follows the amazing journey of John Register, who was a world-class athlete and Army combat veteran. Register’s life changed with one wrong step. However, after developing a new normal mindset, he succeeded by making two Paralympic teams and winning the Long Jump silver medal. This inspirational keynote focuses on identifying individual fears which constrict our growth mindset and then provides a pathway leading from fear to freedom to win life’s medals because there is no going back to normal. Learner Outcomes: Identify 3 ways to improve mindset and increase performance. Define the New Normal Mindset to identify opportunities. Formulate 10 power words to overcome any obstacle to put into immediate action Now is the time to increase your and your team’s resilience to be more adaptable in this rapidly changing environment. Come in with what hinders your performance and leave with a clear direction to reach your performance peak.
Extract lessons from the Olympic and Paralympic athlete journey and implement those lessons into your business culture and sales systems. John’s virtual learning activities, coupled with his power of storytelling, releases the champion spirit in your team and positions you to be at the top of your industry. Is your company struggling right now and trying to come to grips with sales in this new environment? Olympians and Paralympians have a championship mindset that focuses on the end game. How do they manage in times of stress and uncertainty? We know all athletes will have challenges, but the champions…the ones who stand atop the medal podium are the ones who plan strategically for any ripple of disturbance that may cross their path. If Olympic and Paralympic athletes are training four years from today the way they are training today, they have already lost the gold medal. If your company sales team is trying to compete by playing it safe, then you are in danger of losing your goal as well. This presentation builds from the Olympic Motto Citius, Altius, Fortius. These three Latin words are the foundation of the Olympic movement and make up the performance mindset of Olympians and Paralympians. These three words, when translated into English (Swifter, Higher, Stronger), push athletes to endure the day to day drudgeries of dream pursuits. Notice the words are not written in the superlative. They are not written in the highest form of the word. But rather they are written with an “er” stem end. This means there is always room for growth. There is always room for growth. Athletes can be the fastest at one Olympics and be faster next. Your team can sell the most this year but can sell even more the next. Even in times of uncertainty athletes are always looking for the competitive advantage. In this presentation, your team will learn how to look for the opportunities in the obstacles faced in business and in life. John will help your team release the spirit of determination, resilience and resolve to win the medals in your personal and professional lives. Your team will extract lessons from the Olympic and Paralympic athlete journey and implement those lessons into your business culture and sales systems to reach the podiums you have set for your company. John’s learning activities coupled with his power of storytelling releases the champion spirit in your team and position you to be at the top of your industry.
Are you having trouble navigating this fast changing environement of diversity, equity, and inclusion? Do you wonder why topics on race are so hard to talk about? Does this make you feel overwhelmed and exausted? John is a master setting a safe environment, leading a difficult dialogue, and ensuring audience members know what actions they can take to be allies for their co-workers. John intersects with company ERG/BRG’s on multiple levels. As a Black American, U.S. Army combat veteran, amputee and Paralympic medalist he navigates the inclusion intersectionality at work space with lived experienced. In this highly interactive live or virutal presentation, John, a TEDx speaker on “Why Tolerance is Not Valuable,” discusses the stigma of attitudinal barriers that continue to hinder hiring of a dedicated and dependable labor force as explores key indicators that may play a role in those outcomes. John offers 3 solution-oriented points for consideration in order to overcome these areas of concern and foster a work environment that values the contributions of all citizens. Goal: To inspire your organization to attain greater victory by increasing the appreciation, talents and diverse skill sets, of all employees through the use of team-building techniques, storytelling, interactive collaboration, and accountability measures. Summary: Diversity takes on many forms. Even seeing the word written on a person can conjure up emotional ties. We may often think of diversity in a very conventional way but when we take a closer look we find that diversity is all around us. Not only can it be our cultural differences in values, beliefs, and norms, but it can also take on the form of job skills and specialties in the workplace. Understanding and appreciating the differences from one’s own culture can lead to richer and better solutions to goals and challenges.

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10 Power Stories to Impact Any Leader: Journal Your Way to Leadership Success

Hear from Paralympic Games Silver Medalist, Gulf War Veteran and TEDx Motivational Speaker John Register, as he leads you to “amputate your fear” and “journal your way” to better leadership through impactful stories and an embrace of “a new normal” that will “inspire others” and “change lives.” Register guides business leaders to leadership insights through 10 stories and related questions to spark self-reflection, challenge personal thinking and boost the leadership toolkit to grow teams, organizations, and overall professional competence.

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