Traci Brown, CSP

Fraud-Busting Body Language Expert
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TIME Magazine has named Traci one of the nation’s top deception detection experts. She’s trained alongside our country’s top law enforcement.
Ms. Brown is a frequent television guest and is the author of How to Detect Lies, Fraud and Identity Theft. Her Fraud Spotting Learning Platform has helped companies stop millions in fraud loss.

Programs By Traci Brown, CSP

Read Fraudsters Like a Book:
Save yourself from financial ruin, defamation and even jail time.
Keep yourself and your company off the front page for the wrong reasons.

“Two Truths and a Lie” is a fun game…unless you don’t know you’re playing. You haven’t realized it, but in business you’re playing every day – and YOU’RE LOSING.

Discover how to win the game with clients, boss, your team and prospects . Protect your hard-earned profits and catch would-be fraudsters before they can take away everything you worked for.

Is one of your most-trusted associates embezzling your company’s hard-earned money?

Is that job applicant being deceptive about their experience? Will their lies cost your company countless dollars and hours of training?

Are your vendors overpromising or inflating their prices to scam you?

Are you willing to do prison time for someone else’s actions?

Is your spouse truthful? Can you see the clues that an unfaithful partner leaves littered through your conversation?

Is your child really just “spending the night at Tony’s house”, or are they going to a dangerous party with no adult supervision?

And most importantly…Did your kids eat those donuts you left on the counter, or did the dog?

After hearing Traci talk, you’ll know the answer to all of these question and more.

In this fast paced keynote you’ll discover how to use Traci’s 9 point Fraud Spotting System to separate the lies from the truth so you don’t innocently step into a business, life or reputation destroying event.

You can quit second guessing your instincts and immediately tell fact from fiction when you discover:
9 telltale signs someone is lying
How to quickly uncover the truth
How to keep nefarious people from making you a victim

Tactics every secret agent, salesperson and kindergarten Teacher should know.

People are hiding things from you…
It’s only confidential unless you’ve been to Traci’s program.

Discover Strategic Body Language so you
uncover secrets hidden in plain view
and hear ‘Yes!’ more easily and more often during:

● Interviews
● Networking Events
● Sales Meetings
● Negotiations
● Conversations With Your Kids or Spouse

Attendees will laugh, learn and win fabulous prizes behind curtain #3 in this eye-opening, gameshow style keynote

• How to read body language
• How to get people to like you using only body language
• How to easily get others to buy in to your ideas
What message is hidden in a handshake
• How to uncover deep truths
• How to detect lies
• And MUCH more

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How to Detect Lies, Fraud and Identity Theft

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